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Norman Berdichevsky


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An introduction to Danish Culture

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10 minute interview with the author of The Left is Seldom Right…

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An Introduction to Danish Culture

By Jamie Glazov
Gauging the moral crisis that grows ever more ominous and threatening.
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MyDenmarkTV interviews Norman Berdichevsky on his upcoming book “An Introduction to Danish Culture”

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Promo video for “The Left is Seldom Right” Here


Listen to Norman Berdichevsky on the Paul Revere Radio Show - here


Video of Address delivered at New English Review Symposium, Nashville. July, 2010

The Complex Political Geography of the Spanish Plazas in Africa and Gibraltar

Dr Norman Berdichevsky discusses the complex geography of Islam in North Africa and Gibraltar

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Dr. Norman Berdichevsky (Ph.D. - Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1974) is an author, freelance writer, editor, researcher and lecturer of history and culture for several major cruise lines.

Formerly a lecturer of Judaic studies at the Universtiy of Central Florida and lecturer at the San Pedro Center, Winter Park, Florida, he is the author of several books and lives in Orlando, Florida.  


AVAILABLE FOR SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS, WRITING AND EDITING ASSIGNMENTS AND TRANSLATIONS, (DANISH AND HEBREW INTO ENGLISH); experience at Numerous clubs, associations, churches, synagogues in the USA, UK, Denmark and Israel.

I have taught courses in Cultural and Social Geography especially languages, religion, ethnic groups, international and urban affairs, Israel, Islam and the Middle East, The History and Culture of Spain and Portugal, Creative Writing, Literature, modern Hebrew, Popular Culture, Urban Affairs, Religion, English as a Second Language, Literature, Scandinavian Affairs and other subjects at both secondary schools, private colleges and institutions of higher learning including the Universities of Wisconsin, New Orleans, Aarhus University and Aalborg University, The Danish School of International Marketing, (Denmark), and the Popular University of Tel Aviv (Israel).

I am a regular contributor to the on line magazine “The New English Review” and have taught English for Academic Purposes at Seminole State College, Contemporary Israeli Society and Social Linguistics at Rollins College,  and lectured at Tel-Aviv University and Bar-Ilan University Israel, The London School of Economics and SOAS- School of Asian and African Studies (London), The University of Wisconsin, The University of New Orleans, Aarhus Katedralskole,  The Danish International School of Marketing, Herning, Denmark, Jews' Free School –London, Appleton Museum of Art; Ocala, Florida, The University of Florida, Gainesville, Central Florida Community College, Ocala, Florida (ESL courses) and the “Senior Institute”.


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Modern Hebrew

Modern Hebrew


The Left is Seldom Right

The Left is Seldom Right

Other Publications Include

An introduction to Danish Culture

An Introduction to Danish Culture

Spanish Vignettes

Spanish Vignettes:The dynamism of modern Spain

Spanish Vignettes may be ordered directly from the author and payment made via paypal. Please email for more info
National Languages and Citizenship

Nations Languages and Citizenship: Languages and how they define us