Selected Publications from hard copy journals

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“Scandinavian Review ay,  Spring, 2006. pp.38-43.


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“Parallel Zionisms; Chinese, Greek, Armenian and Hungarian Parallels of Nationhood, Diaspora, Genocide, Exile, Partition and Aliya,  World Affairs, Winter, 2007. Vol. 169. No. 3. pp. 119-124. 


Winter 2012 - The Pseudo-Zion States; A Phony Marxist Solution for "Oppressed Peoples"

Summer 2012 - A devastating Response to Israel's "New Historians"

Winter 2012 - Persia's Jews; From Cyrus to Ahmadinejad

Special Issue - University of Paderborn - 125 Jaroj of Esperanto  


Translations from Foreign Language Editions of Articles

Previously Published in English


“Zamenhof y el esperanto", Spanish edition of Ariel, 1986.No.64, pp. 58-71.


"Zamenhof et l'espranto", French edition of Ariel, 1986. No.64. pp. 58-71.


"Zamenhof und Esperanto" German edition of Ariel, 1986. No.64, pp.59-71.”



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