Other on-line works

Other on-line works

NNL database - Short view of documents ... of urbanization on the social geography of Rehovot microform : an Israeli case study of residential differentiation, 1890-1973 Ph.D. thesis. University of Wisconsin. 1974.

The Mother of Languages - Influence of Hebrew on other languages

* La Madre de Las Lenguas; La Influencia del Hebreo sobre Otras Lenguas

Parallel Zionisms: Chinese, Greek, Armenian, and Hungarian World Affairs Journal Winter, 2007. Vol. 169. No. 3. pp. 119-124.

Danish dilemmas: South Schleswig after World War II and (The Danish-German Border Crisis of 1945-1950) World Affairs Journal.

The German-Danish Border: The Successful Resolution of an Age Old Conflict or Its Redefinition:

The Baltic Revival and Zionism - Norman Berdichevsky -LITUANUS, Spring 1992. Vol. 38, no.2

From: The World & I

26227      The Faroe Islands: An Ancient Nordic and Atlantic Nation  The World & I. May, 2008.

26505Sibling Rivalry: The Scottish and the EnglishThe World & I Dec.2008

25267An Insider's Look Into Spanish Culture Norman Berdichevsky Book review.

25192Why Geographical Ignorance.. - 10 /2006 Why Geographical Ignorance Matters.

25513The Scandinavian Case of Sibling Rivalry: Sweden vs. Denmark, April 2007

25512 The Iberian Case of Sibling Rivalry: Spain vs. Portugal April 2007

25180Modern Hebrew's Dilemmas December 2006

25900The Jewish West Indies December 2007

26060Multi-Lingual Switzerland Feb. 2008 

27097 Ersatz Marxist Solutions for ‘Oppressed Peoples' Jan.2010

 27196Bornholm: Denmark's Easternmost Baltic Reach March 2010


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