Lecture Topics

Lecture Topics



Listed below are a number of topics on which Dr Berdichevsky has recently lectured

Life and Works of Hans Christian Andersen

Denmark and Danish Culture

Jihad on the World Stage - to order a DVD of this talk contact Mike Skubiak m.skubiak@aol.com

The World's Languages

Hebrew - Mother of Languages

Why Hebrew?

The Dilemmas of Modern Israeli Hebrew

Maltese and Hebrew - Two Cases of Cultural Revival

The Great Jewish Language Rivalry: Hebrew vs. Yiddish

The Baltic Revival and Zionism

Who Did What For Israel in 1948 - Czech & Soviet Aid

Israel - From Darling of the Left to Pariah State

Jewish Destiny and Disunity

Other Zionisms - The Greeks, Chinese, Armenians, Finns & Hungarians

Spain and Israel–Jewish-Spanish Reconciliation

British and American Language, Folkways & Institutions

The History of Devised Languages

Esperanto - Promise and Fulfillment ?

A Tale of Two Kings - The Danish Yellow Star Myth

Why it Took So Long for the Danish West Indies to be Sold to the United States

Jutland vs. Copenhagen - Country Bumpkins vs. City Slickers.

In Defense of Geography

Is Geographical Ignorance Bliss ?

Why is Don Quixote so Popular ?

Sibling Rivalry Among Nations;

1. Denmark-Sweden;

2. Portugal-Spain;

3. Czech Republic-Slovakia,

4. England-Scotland,

Basque Identity

Modern Spain and Traditional Spanish Stereotypes

Spain's Muslim Minority: In the Shadow of Bin-Laden?

Spain's Four National and Regional Languages


Recent Interview on Australian National Radio -

RN Book Show - 17October2007 - War, Denmark and Hans Christian Andersen




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